Indian SaaS Landscape Report
Shaping India's SaaS Landscape
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Shaping India's SaaS Landscape

Product Description

The Indian SaaS community is at the cusp of a massive transformation. With 1000+ startups, combined annual revenue of 3 billion+, YoY high growth rates, the stage is ripe for Indian SaaS companies to gain double-digit global market share. The last five years have seen a whirlwind of world-class products solving for global customers, creation of new categories & an unprecedented influx of capital. With opportunities abound, the questions remain, what is the size of this opportunity? Where does it stand and how do we make the most of it? 

To answer this and more, SaaSBOOMi– Asia's largest community of Software As A Service (SaaS) Founders – has created a comprehensive report on SaaS, its growth potential, the Indian ecosystem’s role, and what SaaS start-ups need to do to capture a greater share of the global market. 


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